Genesis Chapter Two Reflections

Hello! Happy Tuesday!
What a Tuesday! Here in Colorado, it is currently snowing  at 37 degrees!
Happy Spring! haha

I’ve gotta say, reading Genesis again with a deeper understanding, and I’m sure with being in a different season in my life, I am so much more awed by what is written!
Let’s jump in!

Genesis 2

Let’s talk about Genesis 2:7!
“then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.”

Can we first talk about how amazing that is? One breath and poof! We’re alive…and let’s not forget how complex we are as organisms!
From the microscopic cellular functioning to our whole general being..from our emotions, communicating abilities, higher thinking, breath from God began it all!

Can we also rewind back to Genesis 1:26?
Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”
In the Believer’s Bible Commentary, it interpreted the verse as a means to say that man resembled God in certain ways such as having intellect, a moral nature, the power to communicate with others, and an emotional nature that transcends instinct.

We are created IN HIS LIKENESS.
And like God, we have the power to give or take away life with our spoken words. Obviously it’s not in the same way but our words have meaning and holds power.
I know that that’s something I want to work on daily.
I want to be able to speak life onto others rather than bringing someone down.
I also need to practice speaking life into my own life rather tearing down the blessings that I’ve been given… ya know..stop being a negative nancy and quit complainin’.

Real talk.

Part of Genesis 2:9
“And out of the ground the Lord God made to spring up every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food.”

God is a foodie. ‘Nuf said.
His Instagram photos of food would be epic.

Genesis 2:18-22
I’m not going to type the verses here but the first bit is how God called Adam to name the creatures.
I didn’t think much of this other than that he was given authority over them – the general idea of what is taught.
But after reading the Bible Believer’s Commentary, it shed a new light: he would have noticed that each animal he had given names to had a counterpart.

It makes me wonder if Adam felt lonely. Would that have been a valid emotion at the time? Or maybe it was just an observation he might have made and there wasn’t any emotional response to it.
But regardless of how he felt, can you imagine the joy he would have felt for having a companion?
If he did feel lonely, God sent him a helper.
If he didn’t feel lonely, he got a friend he didn’t expect to meet.
Both are something to appreciate regardless.

Or maybe another way of seeing it is that he knew that God was planning on giving him a partner. But he was given a task that needed to be completed first.
Before going into a life of partnership, he had to do his own preparation (like how God prepared for Adam – in his likeness!) and name all the animals (I wonder how long THAT took) and tend the garden. In doing so, he was prepared to live a life devoted to living his life with a partner.
It’s just something I found to be interesting.

This post was a bit sporadic so I apologize but it’s my genuine thought and reflection.
What are your thoughts on the verses I shared or Genesis 2 in general?








3 thoughts on “Genesis Chapter Two Reflections

  1. Awesome read! Our home-group did a Year long in-depth study of Genesis a couple years back, and the awe that was felt as the majestic awesomeness that is our Lord & Creator is… well, there’s just no single word to explain it. With a single word, an entire universe & world created and with single breath, entire working body – bone, flesh, brain… the works! And Adam… oh my word ADAM, his complete obedience to doing as God had commanded, I doubt he even knew the word lonely, to me he was content in doing as he was created – to serve & glorify God – and to be able to walk with God! Wow!!! Looking forward to reading more of your reflections.


    1. Yes! it’s so easy to look over how INCREDIBLE that is! And true! Content is the word I was looking for when I said he didn’t have an emotional response.
      I think it’s important to realize, after having read your comment and having just written my reflection for chapter three.. God was AMONG his creation!
      Adam can see, feel, and communicate directly with God. God was LITERALLY his company ❤


      1. Wow Adam! You can imagine the uproar in our homegroup when it dawned on us that he (and Eve) gave this company up for a piece of fruit – like, Really guys?! – but then the humility of knowing we wouldve been no better in our current status 😔 – even God knew this early on that we would one day need Jesus! Waaaaay before we could even understand. God bless your journey hun x


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