Genesis Chapter Three

Genesis Chapter Three, in my opinion, is one of those places where you see God’s grace, love, redemption, and intention the most as well as human nature when it comes to sin.

Can we first talk about the cunning serpent (ESV – the Bible I read and will be referencing to most of the time for future reference). There were days when I would be so annoyed that Eve would fall for the serpent’s words and now we have to pay the price for her fall.

But then I also realized how often I, myself, fall for his traps.
Satan knows our weaknesses and he knows when to strike. He blurs the line between right and wrong, obedience and sin.
Sin also varies from action and inaction.

He is so coy as to how he speaks to Eve that it makes her doubt her own understanding.

Moving onto my next point of observation – Genesis 3:8-10
Verse 8 says,” And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and the man and the wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?”

SO many things here!
First, how cool is it that God walked among them in the garden!
He’s just chillin, going for a stroll, looking to hang out with Adam and Eve!
This just reminded me that he was WITH Adam from the beginning.
Yesterday, I had written wondering if Adam felt lonely.
God was WITH him. I highly doubt he felt lonely.
He could see, feel, and communicate with God as if you could with a friend.
And after reading a comment left on yesterday’s blog, being able to be in the presence of God as well as having a purpose, he probably felt more content and joyful than anything.

Second, there’s this natural tendency to hide from God once we sin.
I know that for me, the guilt and shame holds me back from going back to God.
Even after repenting, Satan EASILY feeds these lies into my head that I am unworthy and undeserving.
FALSE! God has already paid the ultimate price.
Repentance is important but we also need to remember that we are called to love and be loved by God!
“You’re a good, good father, it’s who you are. We are loved by you, it’s who we are…”
– Chris Tomlin
Don’t let Satan take away our identity in Christ!

Another point is God seeks US! While we are hiding in shame, God seeks us despite our errors. God knows all and he knew that they have sinned. But abandonment was never his intention. He seeks us out despite our shortcomings.

Verse 14
The first to be punished is the serpent.

Verse 15
God already knew how he was going to save us.
This is such a huge foresight into how great His love is for us.

Verse 21
Even after sin, he still loves and cares for us. He didn’t abandon Adam and Eve and left them to handle things on their own. They were immediately cared for.
He provided for them.

Verse 22
God is a long-term type of guy. We live in a world of instant gratification but for God, he sees the past, present, and future and knows what’s best for us long term.

Verse 22 shows that if he wanted to, he could have given us eternal life in a life of sin.
A life of sickness, hate, hurt.
I know that this isn’t the world we want to live in. People ask why tragedies and sickness occur and it’s because sin entered the world.
But because of God’s love for us, it’s a temporary world – he prevented an eternal life of sickness, hurt, shame, and guilt.

Chapter Three also shows the free will that was given to us. He commanded us to not eat from the tree of knowledge of evil and he wasn’t trying to set us up for failure – he told us the consequences of what would happen. But that choice was given to us.

This chapter also shows how great God’s love is for us in so many ways.
The immediate care for Adam and Eve after they have sinned.
The foresight into how he plans to save us – the ultimate sacrifice.
Death has become the solution to live in sin temporarily rather than living an eternal life of sin.
But he’s given us a way to live an eternal life free of sin.

How great is our God.
In a fallen state, he’s given us hope, love, mercy, and grace.
Even though we forfeited our gift to live eternally from the beginning, eternal life is still possible through him.


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