What Happened to Enoch?!

Dude! You guys!
Genesis 5 is EPIC!

Genesis 5:24
Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.

Enoch DIDN’T die!?
EVERYONE else prior to him, they were given the years of their lives quickly followed by, “and he died.”

But Enoch was NOT dead because God took him, WHAAAT!

I was really intrigued when I read about this the first time, and I am STILL just as awestruck as the first time.
There’s only one other person who has been taken to heaven without experiencing death and that’s Elijah.

TWO people out of so many others, God took them.
But what happened to them?
Specifically for this Bible reading, what happened to Enoch?

After looking deeper this verse (as well as into Elijah being taken up to heaven (2 kings 2:11)), there are LOTS of debates/theories about this between the reason why (which no one will ever know except God himself) and what the verses actually mean.

I don’t think there’s really a reason to go into why things happened the way it did (or why it wasn’t clear) because let’s be honest, God can do what He wants and we’ll never understand why he does the things he do.
However, if you’re curious, use good ol’ google to look up ideas! It’s all very interesting!
My favorite theory is that their body needs to be preserved because they might be the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11:3 so they were sent to heaven.

In terms of what it actually means… again, let me just reiterate that I’m no Bible pro haha
But reading the commentaries from biblehub.com (my favorite website for looking for more insight or understanding of the Bible), they all agree that Enoch was unique in that he “walked with God.” AKA a LIFESTYLE of going in the opposite direction from the rest of the world (and we all know how hard that is). He stayed with God and placed God at the forefront of his life.

There are different ideas for the part about God taking him though.
Some say he went to heaven to reside with God, free from pain, suffering, and death.
Some say he was taken up and placed elsewhere in the world for the same reasons as above.
Most conclude with the idea that because of his close relationship with God, God didn’t put him through certain (painful) death. Others say he saved him from living in a world of corruptions (whether that means early/later death, taken to heaven, or relocated).

But I mean, at the end of the day, it’s all speculations.

Honestly, I just think it’s really amazing that God can do AMAZING things.
It wouldn’t have mattered if they (Enoch and Elijah) were placed somewhere else in this world or if they were sent to heaven. What matters is that God cares and God loves. And He will do the impossible for us.
And I personally prefer to believe that when it says, “God took him,” it meant he actually took him.. he’s with God.
But again, I’m no Bible pro. I could be totally wrong and corrected as a dive deeper into the Word.

And a random bit – I also find it interesting to see the lifespan of these Biblical figures shorten as I read on.
Darn sin!
But I guess in retrospect, I would much prefer to live temporarily in this world as a sinner rather than forever in sin.

Link to commentary:

Interesting article on subject:

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!
Comment them down below!


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