Let Him In

Do you ever experience such immense joy that you know it can only come from God?

It’s such a wonderful, beautiful feeling.

We wish for things.. status.. money.. friendships.. family..a husband/wife.

And yes, those things can bring happiness for sure, and I’m not saying happiness lasts forever.. no emotion does..

But the joy, peace, and comfort that comes from God is immeasurable and incomparable.

I know this because I seeked for happiness and comfort in all the wrong places before I found God.

Food, clothes, excessive exercising, sex, binging on Netflix.
They brought me temporary happiness but it was in the most shallowest form possible.
It was never satisfying and it created confusion, laziness, stress, and anxiety.

(In the order I listed above: weight gain, buyer’s regret/financial stress, hating my body/social anxiety, feeling unloved/loneliness, laziness/fatigue/depression/no motivation)

But the joy you feel from God.. from knowing him, loving him, pursuing him… it’s amazing and wonderful 💕

It’s the kind of joy that makes you realize you are His. It reminds you that regardless of what you are going through right now, you are covered and protected. No matter how badly you feel like you have messed up, you are covered in God’s grace, forgiven, and loved unconditionally.

It’s the kind of joy that makes you feel whole and loved and it fills you up with so much love and joy that you have no other choice than to spread that joy with love and kindness towards others.

I have had people call me brainwashed for believing in God.
But they don’t know this feeling like I do. This is real.

It’s not about religion.
It’s about the relationship.
It’s about God’s love, his protection, and his goodwill over you.

I can tell you that I still make poor choices in every area above that I mentioned plus more.
I struggle with insecurities, finances, as a mother, etc.

But God’s love still brings me joy and peace, even if it doesn’t last because I’m human (but I imagine thats the kind of joy you experience for eternity when you’re in heaven) and that in itself makes me want to reflect God’s love unto others the best I can.

I know that despite what hurt and stress you may be going through right now, you can experience God’s joy too. You can share His light, too.

Let him in 💕

I hope you all have a beautiful, JOYFUL day!


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