It’s Not What You Think

I feel like people think that admitting their need for Jesus means admitting that they aren’t good enough – that they are imperfect and wrong. And no one likes to admit that they’re full of mistakes and failures and that they aren’t enough or just how bad of a person they are.

But what they neglect to see is that it’s because they are enough that they need Jesus. It’s because they are enough that their imperfections are covered. It’s because they are worthy that their wrongdoings have been paid for on the cross by the death of Jesus Christ. Our sins are both forgiven and forgotten.

Jesus isn’t there to rub us in our guilt and shame. We need Jesus because he gives us life, not shame.
And it’s when we begin to see life in Christ that we become humble enough to repent and transform and live by the spirit.

It’s not just about admission, because I believe that in order to repent, we need to be aware and admit what needs to be changed, but it’s about the submission to Christ.
Without him, there is no life and only death.

We need Jesus.


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