Where God Is

I was sharing a simple facebook post about where God has taken my in my life.

Two years ago, I never would have thought I would be here.
Single. Happy. Thriving.

My life wasn’t headed in a positive direction.
At least not where I was in my marriage.

It would have been the same cycle:

Be neglected and emotionally abused and lied to.
Blow up in frustration.
Ask for another chance.
And if I’m being totally honest, the pattern might have ended with a suicide.

This is when I realized, as prevalent as God is in my life today through the good and new challenges, He had been right there beside me in the darkest point in my life when I didn’t even realize it.

The friendships I had made.
The experiences I had gained.
The resources I’ve been given.
The opportunities that were opened.

All of it.
That was God helping me.
But I never acknowledged God.

I would say I never acknowledged any of it.
Not even luck.

I was just stuck in the groove that I had made that I didn’t stop to think that the good things that were happening at such an opportune time should have been noticed as something extraordinary.

If it weren’t for those right relationships that I learned from. The right sermons that I listened to on the rare occasions that I went to church. The job opportunities that gave me new perspectives and fostered personal growth. If it wasn’t the coworkers that I came to know through those opportunities…

I wouldn’t have learned all that I know now that I’m utilizing to further my life even more.

If you’re feeling stuck.
If you’re feeling defeated.
If you’re feeling lost.

Seek God. Seek his miracles. Seek his love. Seek his comfort.
Because he is there. We just might not be seeing it.

This is something that I want to challenge myself in.
I want to see where God is working in my life when I’m struggling.
Because I know he’s there.
I know he’s creating a beautiful timeline in my life (and in yours).

It won’t be a simple happily ever after.
But it will be one filled with failures, fears, and challenges followed by victory, empowerment, blessings, and growth.

Matthew 6:33 ESV

33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

God is where you are.


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