God Given Confidence

Thankful for my confidence found in God.
Not by what I have.
Not by social media “likes.”
Not by what the world has to offer.
Not by my relationship status.

There’s no better foundation than the one built from God’s truth 💕☺

You might feel lonely.
You might feel neglected.
You might feel like nobody cares.


But so often, we get carried away by all these distractions that WE end up neglecting HIM!
While he’s right here beside us, at all times, we look past him and search for something greater or something better – anything to cope with whatever negativity we are facing, forgetting that HE IS the GREATEST.

Lean on God.
Keep Him close.
ALLOW Him to comfort you.
Place your faith in His Truth

Its a good space to be in ❤❤❤


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