I just need to praise God real quick.
This is all him and not by my doing at all.

None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for his divine intervention.

The circumstances that I’ve faced, the places that I’ve been placed in, the people I’ve met, the experiences that I’ve gained.

It all leads to this moment and without a doubt, will continue to a path of many more of God’s blessings.

Wouldn’t even know where to start and I think I’m really going to brainstorm a timeline and make a blog of it in the near future.

But just from the past month or so, I was given the opportunity to interview for an amazing place that I feel like I could do well in.
All supported and shared by a friend I met a couple of years ago.
I’ll be working a job where I feel like I can grow, learn, and thrive in.
And the pay is a huge upgrade for me as well.
Never would have happened if God never placed me at the school that I met my friend in.

Then the bed swap. Which might not be a big deal for some but it’s a big deal for me and my kids. The lack of comfort of sharing a twin sized bed between 3 people is an understatement.
I met this friend about 5 years ago by chance (by God) when I was bored one day in class.
He drove an hour just to give my kids and me a bed to sleep more comfortably in.

And homegirl knows her way around tools and can lift stuff.
But he was nice enough to just have me chill while he did most of the work.
Having come home from driving for lyft since 4AM, I was grateful for that.

Earlier this week, I found out my kids will be able to continue their attendance at their school. No longer working for the district, I don’t get the privilege of having to send them to the school of my choosing.

But again, having met the right person who was understanding of my situation and also knew my kids, having a friend who just knows everything and is always there to help me out, and a few friends who prayed over the situation for me, I’m so relieved and grateful that my kids will be able to continue to go to their school with their friends and my older child will continue to get support from the amazing staff there.

And these laundry cards in the pic below, given to me by a new friend I made in the building I have moved into who also worked as the maintenance guy for the buildings.
One of the most caring and thoughtful guy I ever met who is going through some unforeseen obstacles.

He is moving and gave me these cards.
I think all parents know how much laundry there is to do.
And the thought always occurs to me (not even a prayer yet God helped anyways!) How much I hate having to pay extra just to wash my clothes.
There are times where I prolong washing my clothes or wear some things more than necessary ( as gross as that may sound) just to save money.

The fact that these were gifted to me made me so happy and grateful.
Every bit helps.

There are so many people that I have met who have helped me in so many ways.
From providing emotional support, sharing resources, giving encouragement, helping me build a strong heart and mind, and so much more.

I wouldn’t be the person I am now and I wouldn’t be in the place where I am now if it wasn’t for God.

Glory to God.

He’s changed my whole story around.
From being heartbroken to being able to love.
From hurt to healed.
From discouraged to strengthened.
From disappointed to hopeful.
From wanting to give up to ressurected.
From being alone to having genuine friendships.. not even just friends but sisters and brothers in Christ with whom I can continue to grow my faith with. To pray for and be prayed over.

Praise God.
I’m so grateful for His love and guidance.
He has blessed me in big ways and small ways.
His miracles astound me.


2 thoughts on “Praises

    1. I appreciate it Koria!
      God truly does have our backs.
      I love sharing small testimonies like this because I know what he does for me, he does for others.

      I love thay verse!

      I hope you are well! 💕


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