Happy Father’s Day

To the Father who loved me even when I rejected him.
The Father who loves me despite my shortcomings.
The Father who encourages me and gives me strength when I am at my lowest and darkest.
The Father who sees and knows my flaws, my mistakes, my insecurities, my fears, my imperfections and still calls me his beloved.
The Father who sees me in my brokenness and restores me to whole.

I am grateful for his grace, love, mercy, redemption, and shelter.

Each and everyday is a blessing being able to wake up in His presence.

In my broken relationships and scars from my childhood and into my marriage, He has shown me what it means to love.
He has shown me what it means to forgive.
And it wasn’t easy but He took me on the path of healing.

I not only learned to reflect his love but have also been able to soften my heart and receive that love also.

Me. Broken. Full of sin. So unworthy and undeserving. Foreign to love.
It was easier to reject love rather to trust and be vulnerable to love.

To love was a sign of weakness.
And now I see the beauty in its strength.

From the many past hurts, it always felt awkard and ingenuine to say that I loved anyone.
It wasn’t easy to say.
But through my Father, it now holds power.
My Father restored my heart.

On this particular day, Father’s Day, I want to especially say that I dearly love my Heavenly Father.
And I say that with full confidence 💕


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