Would You Date You?

This post is definitely gonna ruffle up some feathers but I truly feel that this needs to be heard.

Listen, y’all ladies talk about how you want this kind of classy guy and that kind of gentleman but you aren’t even that kind of woman yourself.

Are you the kind of girl that a guy that you want, would want?
No seriously. Take a GOOD LONG look at yourself.

If you’re clubbing every weekend, getting drunk, getting high, hooking up with multiple guys, taking selfies with duck lips or with your body exposed…are you being the type of woman the type of guy you look for is going to want to introduce his mom to?

Or maybe on a different spectrum are you struggling with different things?
Are you negative? Are you constantly complaining about something in your life? Are you looking for someone to save you and take up half your burden? Whether it’s finances, debt, or other responsibilities?

Are you rude to other people because you aren’t happy with your own life? Are you projecting your pain onto others because you haven’t learned to heal?

I’m not going to be the one to tell you what’s bad and what’s good but if you want elevate your dating life, you need to do a little self-check and make that comparison for yourself.
Would the kind of guy you want, want you?

I know.
It hurts.
But it’s the truth.

I discovered this about a year and a half ago.
And trust me. I have my own baggage and failures that I’m trying to grow and learn from.

But if you want a certain kind of man, you need to be the kind of woman that he would want.

No high-caliber man is going to want a low-caliber woman just as much as you yourself wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) settle for a low quality man.

DON’T confuse this with not being good enough.
This is about raising your standards and reaching for that standard yourself because you are good enough for those standards.

Don’t rob yourself of good things in life in general by preventing growth within yourself.

Being a work in progress is a GOOD thing. It’s better than being unaware and traipsing around blindly hoping for something to good to fall into your lap.

When you raise your awareness and work towards improvement, you bring more good things, including high quality men, into your life intentionally.

Raise your standards. Be that standard. And don’t settle for any less.

With Love,


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