A Life Filled with Potholes

I know.
My mind wanders off in the most random ways but today’s blog was inspired by fixed potholes.
I’ve driven on this road for almost 10 years.
I knew the road when it had cracks and potholes and I knew it when it was blocked off to be fixed and I knew it after the cracks and holes were filled.
What I gained from that, in the most random way, is that we all have scars.
We were all cracked at some point and will continue to wear down and get new cracks.
It’s a natural part of life – a sign that you have explored and lived.
And when we are healing, it might be painful and annoying. And just like how the lane is blocked off to be filled, we also need to be blocked off, whether it’s from relationships or anything else that will slow down the healing process.
To jump in from one thing after another while still under construction will only prolong our healing.
Just imagine how much longer and how much more chaotic it would be if people drove over the cones and the lane while the workers are still trying to correct it – it would take even longer.
Once it’s been fixed, the cracks and potholes don’t look the same as before it was there.
But it still serves it’s purpose – to be driven on.
And so are we.
You are still purposeful. You are meaningful.
You might not be in the pristine condition as you once were, but unlike potholes, your mending is proof of learning, experiences, love, growth, and adventures – you have lived and are living life.
And just as our eyes, nose, lips, ears, fingers, toes each serve a purpose, I believe that our scars do too.
It creates compassion and empathy.
Use your experiences, the hurt, the healing the process, the new perspective to help and empower others.
I believe that God created us intentionally and that also includes the cracks and the brokenness that comes with being brought into this world.
Appreciate the strength you have gained from what you have overcome 💕

With Love,


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