It’s Okay to Hang Your Cape, Super Mom

Everyone gives the Super Mom encouragement.
It makes us feel strengthened and empowered.
And that’s fantastic.

But it can also make us feel like this is the only version of mom we can be in order to survive the mom life.
Like being a super mom is the only way we can be a GOOD mom.

And that’s not true.

Pout. Scream. Punch.
Let it out.

Sometimes, being a selfish mom is okay too.
Don’t feel bad if you missed out on taking your kids to the park today.
Don’t feel bad if you missed out on playing dinosaurs.
Don’t feel bad if you missed out on playing tea party.
Don’t feel bad if all you can muster up to make for dinner was some frozen chicken nuggets and a side of Kraft’s mac and cheese.
Don’t feel bad if the living room is a mess.
Don’t feel bad if you’re laundry is towering over you.

We’re here to fend for ourselves and there’s only so much we can do.
Burn out is a real thing.

If resting at home is what you need to gather your energy, do it.
If having your kids watch T.V. so you can get an extra hour or two of sleep, then allow it.
If ignoring your laundry because there are bigger and better things to tackle, then ignore it.
If frozen meals is all you had the time and energy for, then do it.

Because at the end of the day, your kids love you.
No matter what.

And I know we all want to give and be the best for our kids.
But how much are we capable of giving when super mom becomes a super zombie?

An extra hour, night, day of being able to short hand somethings, skip out on others, and ignore the rest is just what you might need to recuperate.

Because being a good mom is more than just a clean home, a home-cooked meal, and being a 24/7 playmate.
It’s showing your kids that THEY matter too by taking care of YOURSELF as well.
Self-Care is underrated.
The level of giving and refilling is unmatched.

It’s just as loving to show your kids how to set healthy boundaries.
It’s just as loving to show your kids how to slow down when life gets hectic.
It’s just as loving to show your kids how to take a break to prevent burnout, how to prioritize, how to find balance.

Life is more than just about cleaning, laundry, dragging your feet, and going through the motions.

Fill yourself up so that, not only will you function better, but you can enjoy your day better with your kids.

It’s okay to hang the cape, Mom.


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