Your Heart is a Treasure

Do you ever have those conversations where people assume you’re being picky?
They know you’re dating and yet, you’re still single.

Either something is wrong with you and you’re undateable or you’re picky.

You are definitely not undateable.
And maybe you are picky.

But overall, I think it is more important to be intentional about keeping your heart pure.

I admit, the last handful of guys I have been on a date with (like over a year ago now) have been stellar guys.
But here I am, still single.

I wouldn’t say that I’m picky.
I didn’t end things because they couldn’t grow a beard.
Or because they were under 6′.
Or because they didn’t know the difference there, their, and they’re (though that is a deal breaker LOL).

The reason why things didn’t work was because I was thinking long-term:
The drama that he had with his ex-wife was more draining than I could bear – not something I want to bring into marriage.

He believed in God but didn’t believe in spiritually growing – I want someone I can grow my faith with and go to church with and serve together with.

He wanted to move and live elsewhere, out of state.
As a single mom where Colorado is my home and where my children’s dad lives, I didn’t want to uproot everyone and follow a guy I had just started dating.

The old me would have tried and made it work.
Maybe I could be his rock while he sort things out with his ex-wife.
Maybe one day, he will come to church with me.
Maybe we’ll try long distance.

But all that does is create a false bond.
You start investing into someone and make memories, it gets harder to leave.
And you kind of don’t want things to end after all the effort you put into the relationship.

You end up hurting yourself and the other person.

This is why I choose to keep my heart pure and well-guarded.
It doesn’t mean I have a wall around my heart that a guy has to break down.

My heart is open and ready to give and receive love.
But it also isn’t going to just love anyone.

My love is reserved for the guy I can see myself marrying.
My love is reserved for the guy who values my heart and sees marriage in our future.
My love is reserved for the guy who wants God in the center of our relationship.

What I’m saying is, your heart is a treasure.
Don’t just share it romantically with anyone.
Don’t give your heart away recklessly.

Who you share your life with is something that should be taken seriously and cautiously.
Let God reveal to you who you should share it with.


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