Don’t Forget to Change the Bandages

When you feel jaded and cynical, it just means the wound has bled through the bandage.
And that’s okay.

Some things in life cut deeper than others.

Some things take a longer time to heal.

But don’t forget to change the bandage at some point before it starts to become infectious and seep into other areas of your life.

Don’t let it isolate you, pull you into depression, change you for the worse.

Change the bandage and take the time to love yourself.
Pray. Reconnect with God. Workout. Practice gratitude. Journal. Read a book. Do the things you love. Connect with friends or practice solitude – whichever it is you need.

Most importantly, remember that you have forgiven the person who cut you. If you haven’t, learn to. It doesn’t have to happen in a day or year – it takes however long it takes.
But forgiveness is key.
Forgive the one who hurt you and if you blame yourself, forgive yourself.

This is the time where the cut is healing the most and turning into a scar.

Treat it with care so that when it is healed, it’s a scar that represents perseverance and love instead of bitterness and hate.


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