To Give like God

Last week, I asked my Sunday school students if they would be willing to give up or throw away their favorite stuffed animals.

Their eyes widened in shock as they unanimously shouted a horrified, “No!”
I asked them why and they said, “Because I love it!”
I asked again, “How would you feel if you HAD to throw it away?”
“I would cry!”
“I wouldn’t do it!”

And I think that is the beauty of God’s CHOICE to giving up His one and only Son.
He didn’t have to. He wanted to.
Because He loved us that much.

I remember someone challenging me with this question, “Yeah, but Jesus was going to be resurrected anyway. He knew this so it wasn’t a real loss.”

I highly doubt he has a child of his own because I think as parents, we can all agree, if we can, we’d rather protect our kids from harm rather than expose it.

I highly doubt it was easy for God to see His only son being humiliated, tortured, and killed just as much as I know He hurts for us when we are going through difficult times.

And when God sent Jesus down to die, He wasn’t being selective either.
His gift is for everyone and anyone who believes in what He gave.
And He gave knowing that His giving would go unnoticed by many.
And He gave it to us freely – no strings attached.

Can we do that?
I see many Facebook posts full of hurt when people giving their time, effort, and money feel betrayed and rejected when the help isn’t reciprocated when they needed help too.

In today’s society, giving is conditional.
I give what you give.
You put in 50% effort then I’ll match that 50%.

I know do this too. I think we all do in some way or another.
We don’t want our generosity to go unnoticed.
We want our giving reciprocated.
We want what give to be taken care of and not wasted.

And yet as receivers of the most amazing gift, our giving can be so greedy.

Today, I wanted to pray for my heart.
To give as generously as my Dad has given me.
To love others as much as He loves me.

And if you want to be a better giver too, I pray for you too.

Merry Christmas! ❤

Psalm 75:1
We proclaim how great you are and tell of the wonderful things you have done.


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