Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex feels good.
Sex is meant to feel good.
Sex is beautiful.
God created sex and therefore, sex is good.

But here’s the thing.
God knows how good sex is.
In fact, it’s SO good that he set clear boundaries.

We all know ice cream tastes good but eating a whole gallon of it is not – boundaries.
We also know that ice cream shouldn’t be given to infants – boundaries.
Ice cream is good but there are parameters about the consumption of ice cream.

It’s the same with the consumption of sex.

Sex isn’t just physical. It plays into your heart, soul, and mind.
The riveting and exciting feelings and emotions become a factor into how deeply connected we feel to the other person.
And that’s why it needs to be reserved.

This example is from Andy Stanley’s book, Love, Sex, and Dating.
Sex leaves emotional scars.
When a woman is sexually assaulted, that trauma is emotionally and mentally scarring.
Sex has the power to leave a painful mark in our hearts.
It can takes years of healing and therapy after the incident.
It’s not like mending a broken bone.
We are human and our emotions are powerful and sex plays deeply into our emotions and it can either be for good or for worse.

The world has it backwards.
Sex outside of marriage is not normal  – being in a relationship does not mean you or your partner is entitled to having sex.
Sex as a post-break up healing ritual is not normal – you should NOT get under a guy to get over a guy.
Sex does not mend broken relationships – you can’t keep going to his bed thinking that it will change him or make your relationship better.

By using sex as every means of healing, feeling, and loving, society has numbed it down to nothing when really, sex is sacred.

Sex outside a marriage is considered immoral.
Some synonyms I found for the word immoral: unethical, dishonest, degenerate.
Stating the obvious here but having sex takes two – You are forming a deep connection with someone.

It’s different from stealing or killing – you face the consequences of those sins alone (again, Stanley’s example), whereas you are bringing someone else into that sin when you have sex.

You are being held responsible for the heart of that person AND your own.
Each time you have sex with someone, you are contaminating your heart and theirs with deep emotions.

When relationships end, it’s not like returning a box of their belongings at their door and being forgotten about.
That sexual connection will always remain – You can’t give that part of your memory in the box with their t-shirts and cologne.

I’m not here to shame you if don’t care to practice abstinence.
But I’m here to encourage you to protect your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Sex can never be meaningless because you are meaningful.

Explore love and intimacy in ways sex can’t.
And it’s my belief that sex will be that much better when you can finally share that intimacy in the bedroom with your husband.

Proverbs 4:23 NIV
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.


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