Your Single Days are Numbered

The other day, I was thinking about how capricious our lives are.
You wake up being in an amazing relationship only to be broken up over a single text in one afternoon.
You wake up being in an amazing relationship and you are proposed to later that evening.
You wake up safe and sound only to have discovered your home had been broken into..
Kinda drastic.. I know.

But the point is..Your whole life can be flipped in a matter of SECONDS.

Let’s look at the Bible for example.
Abraham had been waiting for a child and it didn’t happen for YEARS.
Until one day, Sarah became pregnant – *snap* life changed.
Joseph was sold into slavery in a day – *snap* life changed.
Mary was conceived with Baby Jesus – *snap* life changed.

Pivotal moments can happen in a matter of seconds.

The point of this post?
If you’re waiting for a husband in your singleness, you’ll never know when that’s going to happen.
And meeting a guy…the actual confrontation of meeting the man you might end up marrying one day, could happen in seconds.

Maybe you’ll bump into him at the library.
Maybe you both reach for the same bag of potato chips.
Maybe you meet him at a church event.
Maybe you guys matched on a dating app.

Like.. I don’t know but one moment can drastically change your life forever!

So instead of waiting for that small window to occur one of these days, live out your best single life!
Because your single days are numbered and trust me, you don’t want it wasted moping around, holding grudges on men, going back to the same ex because you felt lonely for a fleeting moment, and feeling discouraged.

This is your time to shine and really strengthen yourself from the inside out.
This is your time to ENJOY life and LIVE life by EXPERIENCING God’s love, peace, and joy!

This is the time to explore your passions, serve others, praise and worship God.
This is the time for you to take the time to heal, rediscover yourself, and strengthen your relationship with God.
This is the time to build friendships and make new memories – ESPECIALLY if you’ve come out of a toxic and abusive relationship.

Would you rather meet a guy and say, “Yeah..for the last five years, I’ve just been sitting on the couch watching Netflix.”
“Yeah! Last year I went on a trip to Peru to help build houses!”
“I learned to tango last year and actually competed for the first time a few months ago!”
“When I went hiking, [insert some sort of funny story].”

Not there’s anything wrong with Netflixing but wouldn’t you rather discover something new, explore, grow, and make new memories?

Tomorrow is a fresh new year.
Take advantage of it!
Don’t waste your singleness and live life!

I’m going to say it again, your single days are numbered, so thrive in it!


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