3 Good Things About Rejection

Ever started talking to someone and things seem to be going great?
The connection is perfect, first date went well, second date went even better.

And for whatever reason, things just didn’t pan out at the end?

Maybe he revealed some very bright red flags.
Or he ghosted you.
Or he started to feel distant.
Maybe he dropped the, “It’s not you, it’s me,” line.

Whatever the case may be, it stings a little when our hopes get crushed.
But I wanted to reel in a little peace for when that happens.

1. It’s easy to get bitter and frustrated but instead, try recognizing it as a blessing in disguise.
For every guy that it doesn’t work out with, you are keeping yourself available for the right guy.

There are instances when I reconnect with a guy and it turns out he moved for a job opportunity or he got married or he’s still the same loser he was when I first met him.

Point is, sometimes, God is protecting you because He knows what’s best for you.
And when things don’t work out, it is His blessing that removed the guy because the guy has for you is on his way to meet you.

Take advantage of this rejection to continue to better yourself in preparation for the man you are meant to be with!

2. Until the next guy drifts into your life, you get to stay focused on you.
It’s easier to reach your goals without the distraction from a guy.
I’m not a serial dater and often take long breaks between guys.
Some of it is because I don’t want to harbor any negative emotions and bring that into the next guy I meet but most of the time, it’s because my time has been divided between family, friends, working, working on my goals, and the guy.

And we all know, dating takes effort, especially if you want something solid.

It’s a lot to juggle in that dating phase when you’re still trying to live your life and make room for the guy because you can’t quite mesh your lives together yet.

And when something doesn’t work out, I feel a tad relieved because I have more time to refocus on myself and it’s a liberating feeling.

When a guy rejects you, he clearly didn’t see your worth.
And a guy who rejects you doesn’t always mean he’s a bad guy.
Bless, release, and pour all that energy, effort, and time into you again.

3. Being rejected when you’ve had your hopes up stings.
But it can also strengthen your faith if you allow it to.

Any time things didn’t work out with a guy, I’d always remember that God has everything under control.

I may never know the reason why things didn’t work out with a guy but that’s not important.
What’s important is to remember that God set you apart intentionally.
And the man he has for you was made intentionally for you as well.

And that union when it’s made in God’s perfect timing will be the kind of love story and marriage you have always wanted.

Keep the faith and stay hopeful!

So the next time you get rejected and you’re hurting, remember that you can choose to continue preparing yourself for the man God has for you, you can spend more time focusing on yourself, and you can allow the rejection to strengthen your faith in God and His Plans.


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