It’s Okay to Love, Girl

I know that the dating process can feel hopeless, daunting, and pointless.
I know that collectively, we all have a painful dating story.
Or a painful relationship story.
Or a painful break-up story.

The whole process just sucks.

But I also wanted to say that each guy, each date, each time you decide to share your heart with someone or even feel hopeful about someone… even if you get hurt, it’s a good thing. Your love only grows stronger for the right guy after each heartache.

So with that hope in mind, love courageously.

Whenever you feel like someone might be, “the one,” don’t be afraid to nourish that hope in a healthy way.

I’m not saying recklessly jump in with two feet and get married right away.
But what I am saying is, don’t be so jaded from past experiences that you can’t accept a good guy when you meet one.

Be receptive of his genuine intentions and take what you see at face value.

My previous posts always states that you should always look for actions.
If his actions are consistently good, then girl, accept it!
Don’t go searching for red flags or think that he’s too good to be true!

You ARE good enough for a guy that seems to be too good to be true!

And if that guy isn’t the one God matched you with, then guess what, the guy you do end up with will be even better.

Keep the faith and keep your hope in the promises that God has made for you ❤


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