Strength in the Midst of Struggles

I was at a training a few days ago and we were asked the question, “Who is your hero?”
And I’ve gotta admit, other than Jesus, I really couldn’t think of anyone.

My parents were abusive (but we’re cool now).
As a shy and awkward kid, I never really built relationships with other adults as mentors.
Didn’t really have long lasting friendships either because growing up, I had strict parents.
A majority of my life was revolved around my ex.

And as horrible as that marriage was and how much he broke me into pieces… in a way.. he is the antogonist that God placed in my life that propelled my life forward.

He’s the something bad that God turned good for His glory.

Because when he broke me, I found my strength.
When he constantly lied about other girls, I found my worth.
When I was neglected, I learned to love myself.
When he kicked me out, I learned to stand up on my feet.
When he hit me, I learned to stand up for myself.
When I became depressed because of how he was treating me, I found Jesus.

And to this day, I live a more powerful and positive life.
I’m not afraid to speak up when I feel like I’m being wronged.
I’m not afraid to be alone and will not settle for anyone less than what I deserve.
I’m not afraid to keep to my standards.
I’m not afraid to speak up about my faith.
I’m not afraid to place Jesus in the center of my life.
I’m not afraid to be who I am.
I’m not afraid to live and laugh.
I’m not afraid to love.

The marriage I came out of was the darkest moment in my life but it was the pivoting point in my life and I am grateful for it.

You might be in the middle of a storm right now but trust me, you’re coming out stronger.


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