Reasons to Move On from a Toxic Relationship

Making the choice to leave my marriage was the hardest thing I ever had to do, even when I wanted to end my life because of it.

I would have rather stayed and battle suicidal thoughts than actually leave.

But with a whole lot of God – He gets credit for all of my blessings that came after leaving, keeping me strong during my marriage, and giving me the courage to leave in the first place – I did it.

And I never looked back once.
Having been there and having crossed that bridge, I wanted to share four reasons why you should leave a toxic marriage if you are stuck in one.

1. You are opening yourself up to a new world of opportunities
This includes jobs, friendships, adventures, and new relationships.

It might sound scary, especially after you’ve been with someone for so long and you are afraid to step into the unknown but once you take that leap, the world is your oyster.

The hard part after making the choice to leave is to not go back.

Despite the heartache, it always somehow seems easier to go back.
Familiarity will always take favor.
But this new lifestyle will soon become your new familiar place, you just gotta give it a chance to grow on you.

2. You get to love yourself again
We pour our hearts into these guys who hurt us.
We have so much love to give. And I think that’s part of our problem. We have so much love to give yet we hardly give any of that love towards ourselves.

Without your ex in the picture, you can pour into yourself, friends, and family.
You get to build yourself up and the things and people that matter to you.

You start reconnecting with yourself.
You start doing the things you’ve always loved and enjoyed.
You discover new things to do.
You start enjoying your own company.

You become independent and are comfortable with it.
You start to see your worth and there’s no better healing than that.

3. Your life starts to change for the better
As you keep your ex at a distance and you start rebuilding your life and loving yourself, things will start to shift.
Your heart starts to feel more full.
You are happier.
You are more giving.
Things in your life will start to feel like they are falling into place.
Your life is becoming whole without your ex in the picture and THAT is an empowering feeling.

4. God will start refilling you
Often times, God is waiting for us in order to bless us.
He waits for us to trust Him.
He waits for us to let go.
He waits for us to stay faithful to Him and not of our own understanding.

It’s hard to see rainbows when the rain stops pouring and you’re stuck inside your house.

Sometimes, you gotta step outside your walls to see what’s on the other side of a storm.

We can’t just go through the motions and expect God to fix everything and continue to bless us when the path has run its course.

Sometimes, it’s time for us to release so that God can fill us up with new and bigger blessings.

All of these are amazing reasons to leave a toxic person in the past.
I get that it’s hard to cut ties and it’s okay to grieve your loss.

But there’s so much goodness waiting ahead just for you.
You just gotta let go and trust yourself.


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