You are Gifted

I know.
When things get rough…it gets ROUGH.

We all have those moments where we are in the pit.. and the pit all of a sudden becomes a place where we end up making camp in.
We try to get out of it and get a move on but we just can’t seem to climb out of it.

It gets scary in there.
Uncertainties cause anxiety and even depression.
One situation after another.
The stress just starts to rise.
Can’t even see what the point of living is anymore.

I know. I’ve been there.
But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to keep shining your light and keep using your gifts.

One of my favorite Bible stories is of Joseph.
The one that was wrongfully accused of rape and was thrown in prison to die.

There was no hope for him.
Even when he found hope and opportunity and used his gifts (dream interpretation), he was still in prison with no end in sight.

But I think that’s KEY right there.
He interpreted the dreams of two other prisoners in there.
One died and the other was given a second chance to serve the king again.

And Joseph specifically asked him, “Don’t forget me bro. Mention me to the king.”
And the cup bearer said, “I won’t, bro. Thanks.”

And theeeennn…. nothing.

Until like years later when he suddenly remembered Joseph when the king started to have weird dreams and none of his wise counsel couldn’t figure out what it meant.

The thing I got out of this is, no matter how hard the situation is, you’ve been given a gift, use it – always.

You’ll never know when someone needs it and you’ll never know when your gift will lead you somewhere else – somewhere outside the pit.

I know it’s hard to stay encouraged when life is kicking you around but never forget the innate qualities that God has given you and keep your faith in Him.


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