Tribute to the Messy Moms

I see you.
Hair a mess.
Maybe haven’t taken a shower in a few days..maybe a week.
Wrinkled and questionably stained shirts.
Sweatpants or leggings on the daily.
All too dependent on body sprays, deodorant, and mouthwash.

I get it.

There are days where you just don’t care.
You physically CAN’T care.. literally incapable of caring of how you appear.

Between kids, possibly multiple jobs, health problems, financial struggles, baby daddy drama, dating drama, work drama, family drama…all accumulating into a gigantic ball of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia..

You’re barely holding it together.

But guess what.
You’re doing a great job.

You can live in sweats.
Eat the bowl of cereal for dinner.
Skip the hair brushing.
Choose sleeping in over a hot shower.

Do you girl.
Because I know we don’t ALWAYS look like this.
We go through phases.

When we’re on our own, it’s hard to juggle all of the above.
It’s hard to eat healthy ALL of the time.
It’s hard to work out ALL of the time.
It’s hard to stay positive and practice gratitude ALL of the time regardless of what inner peace-making, live-a-beautiful-life gurus say.
Sometimes, it’s just hard to do the bare minimum.

But damn.
When we actually have the time and energy… I know we can all look bomb.
Even if it’s for a brief moment.

And regardless of our outward appearances, our hearts are always slaying as queens.

The people judging you for the lack of effort you’re putting into yourself or the people hounding you about “at least” taking a shower or “at least” changing your shirt… they don’t know that you’ve already “at least” took care of your children… and I’d like to think that they’re jealous of our self-assurance.

So keep being the amazing mother you are.


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