How to Love

If there’s anything about God’s love that I appreciate and so grateful for the most is His constant love.

He doesn’t love you a little less on the days you’ve had a bad day or love you a little more on the days you’ve had a good day.

It’s the same throughout.

I have two amazing girls and I love them to bits and pieces but there are days when they frustrate me.
Though at the core, I will love them eternally, sometimes, it’s hard to express that love outwardly.

I’m human and my emotions are fickle.

His steadfast love that endures forever is my goal.
Not just towards my kids but to everyone I cross paths with.

Imagine your worst enemy and still wishing them the best life they can ever live.
So. Hard. To. Do.

Imagine meeting the love of your life and wanting to love them the way God loves you.
It’s my deepest desire to love others the way God loves me.

And that’s why I always lean into Him. Or at  least try to because if I’m being honest, sometimes I put Him on the back burner – and yet he still continues to love me and cheer me on and guide me even on the sidelines! What an amazing God!

How can you love someone you don’t know anything about?
And God is the ultimate example of love.

His love dwells in action.
And learning more about Him is how I learn to both receive and give love.


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