Live a Little Backwards

I was talking to someone about my blog.
And  the person I was talking to was being encouraging because I was sharing how hard it is sometimes to write even when I’m not feeling inspired or unsure of what to write about.
And as I was saying that, my heart finished the thought with the encouraging reminder that I needed – I just want to make the world a little brighter.

In a world where forgiveness is scarce.
To love means to hurt.
Compassion is underrated.
Listening is a dying art.
Giving is filled with fear.
Dogmatism is better than acceptance
Judgement is given too freely…

I challenge myself and encourage others to do life backwards.
To love in order to heal hurt.
To forgive relentlessly.
To give without fear.
To actually give a damn about other people.
To seek first to understand.
To listen for the sake of listening.
To die to ourselves.

It’s hard.
But the world is already so broken.
And I’ve always been told that I have an endless supply of hope and positivity and I chose blogging as my outlet to spread whatever positivity I can.

But if we all did our best to live even just a little bit backwards, what a difference we can make together ❤

Let’s all live a little backwards.


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