Lies You Need to Overcome Part IIII

I hear this all the time (and I sometimes fall into this trap too).
“I’ve been single for so long, I must not be good enough.”

Listen, you need to stop that kind of thinking.
I’m not going to say, “You ARE good enough.”

What I am going to say is you are what you think.

If you think you suck.
If you think you’re stupid.
If you think you’ve messed up and you’re only prone to failing..
If you think you don’t deserve a healthy relationship with a good man..
If you think you’re ugly..

You are speaking ALL of that into your life.

Your way of thinking is the antecedent to your actions, which is the precedent to your habits, which is the foundation for your life.

You keep thinking you’re ugly and you’re going to slouch.
You’re going to end up wearing frumpy clothes because what’s the point? You’re ugly anyway so why even try?
And eating healthy and exercising? What for?

In turn, those actions or lack of actions puts a toll on your physical existence.
Your body hurts. You’re prone to sickness.
Anxiety and depression may develop.
Your Negative Nancy attitude pushes people away making you feel more lonely and more of a failure.

It’s a vicious cycle.
But it’s real.

But so is the opposite.
Speaking life into others is what I encourage.
But speaking life into yourself is even more important.

You have so much more power than you think.
Instead of thinking that you’re ugly, BELIEVE that you are beautiful.
Instead of thinking that you’re a failure, BELIEVE that you’re only getting closer to success.
Instead of thinking that you’re stupid, BELIEVE that there’s so much out there to learn…and you’re excited about exploring!
Instead of thinking that you aren’t good enough to be with a good guy, BELIEVE that you will meet him soon!

These new belief systems will give you more positive energy.
You’ll stand a little taller. You’ll love yourself a little more. You’ll want to take care of the one body that you have. You’ll want to live the one life you have to its fullest.

You’ll no longer want to live a life that accumulates with frustration, anger, bitterness, resentment, and depression.
Instead, you’ll want to accumulate days full of hope, joy, and laughter.
You’ll want to make each day count.

But that’s entirely up to you.
It’s not an easy feat by no means. But you do have the control over what you want to think and believe.

It’s not a matter of whether or not you are good enough.
It’s a matter of what you believe is true.
And I’m here to remind you of God’s truth.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
You are a citizen of His Kingdom.
You are a daughter of the King.

Meditate on those truths until you start accepting it in your heart.


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