Tell Him Bye!

dating in 2019
I saw this on my FB newsfeed and had to share my thoughts on it.

First of all, if a guy can drop a dick pic in 0.2 seconds into your DMs, he can send a text how your day went.

Bottomline is… you don’t have to prove anything to a guy.
If he doesnt respect or value a woman, byeeeee.
If he doesnt treat you the way you deserve to be treated… byeeee.
If YOU already are doing your best to the best you.
If YOU are covering yourself in God’s love, going through the process of healing and growing, building a foundation for yourself and living out your life with purpose…and even if you AREN’T doing any of those things…
God says you ARE enough.
God says you are worthy.
So if a man can’t see you how God sees you, tell him bye sis 💕

4 thoughts on “Tell Him Bye!

  1. A woman may not have to prove anything to a guy, a potential suitor. But, my observation is that many women, when they develop a relationship with a man do not know how to love such a man. The reasons are many, but we can opine that many women do not understand the needs of a man, and, of course, radical feminism has spread enmity among men and women to no good purpose.


    1. The reason they don’t know how to love (in general) is because they lack the understanding or unable to full receive the kind of love God has for us.. that agape love.

      The woman who knows how to love herself and is willing to reflect God’s love onto others should not have anything to prove – our worth would be apparent.

      We are constantly growing, maturing, and building a legacy.
      A guy who is worth it will see that naturally..without us having to shove a piece of paper down his throat with the list of good qualities that we have.

      In this case, it’s up to the guy to decide whether or not he wants to pursue us. Not us trying to convince him to pursue us.


      1. And the meme that I’m observing is one sided placing the women on the side of putting efforts.

        My point of view is probably biased but I see many women sacrificing and fighting so hard to gain approval from men who don’t even want to try.

        That should not be the case.
        My blog is written to empower women to be emotionally self-sufficient and to live out their best regardless of their relationship status.

        It’s to help elevate their vibe so that they can naturally attract GOOD men.

        Not the men who are non-committal and drag women along while telling them “let’s just see where this goes” and bruises their self-worth and confidence along the way.


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