It Doesn’t End Here

I remember when I caught my ex-husband cheating for the last time and he told me to pack my things and leave.
This wasn’t the first time he had said that to me.
But every other time, that fear would kick in.

Where would I go?
How can I take care of my kids?
How am I supposed to make it?

But at some point, you come to the realization that you deserve something better.

And when he told me he was done the last time, I was done too.

I was done trying to love a man who didn’t love me.
I was done trying to fix a marriage that couldn’t be fixed.
I was done living in fear.
I was done feeling like I didn’t matter.
I was done contemplating suicide every night.

The last time he told me to leave, I replied, “Fine.”

And I’ll be honest all the same fear and doubt came rushing back.
But there was a voice inside my heart that said, “Everything will be okay.”
And my fears were hushed, as if they went back into hiding from whatever dark corners they appeared from in the first place.

I just wanted to quickly say before moving on with my post that God had delivered me from every possible hiccup in my life and even to today, He is still performing miracles.

He had gotten me out of corners when I didn’t feel like there was a way out.
He had given me hope when there shouldn’t be any.
He had given me strength when I desperately wanted to give up.

But the message wanted to share today is that… the end of your relationship is not the end.

There is so much more to live for.
Ending a relationship that was headed nowhere..
A relationship that ended unsuspectingly.
A relationship that was taken away from you.
A relationship that was toxic.
A relationship that was full of love.

No matter how the relationship is, if it ends, it does not mean there is nothing else to live for.

It gives you a chance.

A chance to rediscover who you are.
A chance to create a new path.
A chance to explore opportunities.
A chance to follow your heart.
A chance to gain strength that you didn’t think you were strong enough for.

A chance for a new life.

It’s a painful process.
The nights may seem long and the days may seem daunting.

But each day God will deliver you and bless you.

It’s only the beginning.
I believe in you, Sis ❤



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