October 14-20th, 2019

So let’s give this a try and see how it turns out.
Planning homework assignments can be tricky.
Sometimes, you don’t get as much as you’d hope for done and sometimes you do more than you planned.

For this reason, I really only have the first half of the week planned out and things could change – I could get more or less done than what I have initially planned.

Also, since it’s the first time I’m doing something like this, I’m learning as I go.

I realized I wanted to add debt/bill payments to my planner as well as any income that I might be receiving/received but I already took pictures of my planners and honestly, I’m just being lazy about posting a whole other picture with just one little extra detail…. but I think we’ll live.

Plus, I don’t have any scheduled bills for this week anyway..so..that whole previous spiel was unnecessary.

Anywho. Let’s jump in!

Okay, so I have some pretty big assignments coming up.
I have two lessons plans, two presentations, 50-ish math problems, and 4 make-up assignments that one of my professors have graciously gifted me to do.

So I have spread them out as much as I can to do over this week. I’m hoping everything will be done by Thursday but if not, that’s what Friday-Sunday is for!
(As I’m seeing this, for future reference, I’ll also add due dates to each assignment.)

This week is going to be dedicated to getting it ALL done because I am on fall break from work – perks of working at a school (still need to attend my classes though).
Up until Tuesday, I am also kid-free because it is my kids’ weekend with their dad so I’m also trying to get some things done around my room as noted on Monday and Tuesday.

Nothing totally major but it is something “extra” beyond my regular housekeeping duties so I need to set some time aside for it.

Some of the things that are on my to do list is hanging up my string lights because they have fallen off, organize my closet and workout equipment, organize one ofย  block shelves that I have, organize my desk (it’s where ALL my clutter goes so I don’t even actually use it for studying or doing my homework), vacuum (routine), and declutter my desk drawers.

Let’s move on to the school assignments!

So, not seen in picture (for today) is my first make-up assignment for my early literacy class (due at the end of October or as completed) as well as my math homework (due this Thursday).
I have all night to do it tonight so I’m just going to get them done.

Tomorrow, I’m going to focus on creating my lesson plan for my social studies class (due on the 23rd) and get it done, finish my Mexican American studies lesson plan (due this Wednesday) and a writing assignment (due on the 18th), as well as get started on my second make up assignment (due at the end of October or as completed).

On Tuesday, I’ll be working on and finishing a presentation sharing my personal story (due any time in October), start on a partner project for my Mexican American Studies class (due Oct. 28th), and finish my second make up assignment for Early Literacy.

Wednesday, I’ll be completing my third make-up work for Early literacy (I know.. I missed so much of this class, it’s terrible) and continue to work on the partner work.

Thursday, I’ll finish my fourth and final make up work for Early Literacy, finish the partner work, and finish the third writing assignment for my Mexican/American Studies class (due Oct. 28th).

I know it might seem weird that I’m trying to complete my make up assignments as soon as possible even though it’s due ANYTIME in October..so if I really wanted to, I can turn them all in on Halloween. But I really don’t want to overwhelm and stress myself that way by procastinating. And the assignments are pretty hefty as well. And I’d really like to know my grade for that class so I kind of want to turn them in sooner than later.

And it might seem odd that I’m also trying to complete other assignments that are due almost two weeks ahead but these are big projects and presentations and I want to take advantage of the time I have off work to be productive and get things done so that I don’t have to worry about these heavy assignments.

Also, the way that I have written them was in no particular order but the assignments that are due the soonest would be focused on first.

Going over to the next page – my weekly goal, which will remain the same FOREVER until it becomes a daily habit/routine, is to workout daily and read a personal development book for 30 minutes. This might change as I try it out this week. The lowest I’ll go is 10 minutes but I want to shoot for 30 first.

For my workout, I’m keeping it simple, doable, and “successful.”
For example, because I am so overweight and out of shape, I am going to start off easy.
My friend and I decided to keep each other accountable and we are going to start off with just 10 push ups tomorrow morning.
If I feel like doing more, I’ll do more. But for now, I’m keeping it easy.

My other goal is to read through ALL the books that I have and “lighten” the load.
I am a book hoarder – it’s a problem.
I decided to dedicated a whole page on my blog to review the books and share what I’ve learned just so that I will have an easier time to part with them.

If I REALLY love the book, I’ll keep it. If it’s something I can let go, I’ll donate it.
It’s part of my decluttering project.

The symbols next to my weekly goals (heart for working out and star for reading 30 minutes) is for me to mark next to the date of each day on my planner if I did them.

Hopefully during my monthly review, there will plenty of hearts and stars.
Another “after the fact” thought is I need to schedule in a time to write these blog posts.
So far, it’s been a two hour-ish thing including filling in my planner, taking a picture and sending it to myself, and typing this up as I am also thinking things through for next time.

I’d like to keep myself accountable and really stick with this to track my progress in straightening my life out.

Anyways! I’m looking forward to this week and getting things done!
I hope you have a productive week too!

What are some things you are wanting to complete this week?


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