October 21-27, 2019

Previous Week Review


Okay, so given that it was Fall Break, I didn’t get as much as I would like to have hoped for…done. The sleeping in and afternoon naps were just too tempting!

But at the same time, I did get a lot done because some of my assignments took longer than I had anticipated.

No biggie.
The assignments with flexible and later due dates can be worked on this week.

I’d say I did a fairly good job doing something physical almost everyday.
Monday I went to the gym and worked my legs on top of my 10 push ups.

But the rest were pretty basic and I didn’t do anything active Friday-Sunday (today).

As you can see, I only read for thirty minutes one day out of the week.
I just don’t have the time for it so I made an adjustment for this week that I’ll share in a minute.

I also decided to act on becoming a homeowner. I’ve always wanted to “try” but never really did anything about it. But this time, I’m fighting for it.

My lease is up in February and I would like to find a place to move into by then.
But before I do anything with loans, I need repair my credit. So that’s my step one.

But between car repairs and my dog needing a procedure done, I had to pull a loan out for the month. So that’s what the +1,400 stands for.

So it’s a HUGE step back from actually moving forward but hopefully, as long as I stay diligent, I can get out of this mess…because that’s not the only loan/debt payments I have going on.

I’m having a rough start to repairing my credit score but I have faith in God that He’ll see me through this.

Weekly Overview



All righty, so for Monday, I have all the assignments I need to get done listed.
Whatever I don’t get done will flow into the next day.

This gives me flexibility as well as the motivation to get these checked off.
One assignment I forgot to list is my Lit Make Up work… I got none of them done. *Sigh* I know.. I know… but sleeping in and afternoons naps were GLORIOUS.

I’ve also decided to add my MUST-do’s into my planner as well as appointments.

So on Monday, I need to call the credit repair guy. We talked briefly on Friday but he was “on the road” so he was going to have his assistant call me. BUT SHE NEVER DID.
Gosh, Amanda! (Not her real name)
But it’s just a follow up call to see where and how I need to get started.

I also had a falling out with my kids’ dad so I need to start picking my kiddos up at 4 from school. Which also means I have to leave my class early…and I am praying that my professor will be understanding of that because it’s just one class a week that I’ll be leaving half an hour early.


Tuesday…you guys.. I’m SO excited because I get to meet my advisor and talk to her about registering for NEXT SEMESTER.
You know how planning makes my soul happy!
I’m also excited because I’m actually sticking with it! I have tried and gone back to school SO MANY TIMES but failed! But I’m actually doing it!
I don’t how well I’m doing because the grades aren’t posted.. but I do have a final grade of A- in one class.. so that’s good, right?!

Just keep on truckin’ along


Wednesday, I am taking time off work to take my kids to a doctor’s appointment.
I also decided to commit to donating plasma twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays (I think I forgot to mark it into Saturday so I’ll have to add it in).

I don’t know if this is an “everywhere” thing but here, you get paid to donate plasma. So, no, unfortunately, I’m not giving away freely. I’m doing it to try and get some side cash.

I also drive for Lyft but until my tires and brakes get changed, I don’t feel comfortable driving miles and miles just for the money.. because a broken car would cost even more to fix.

Thursday and Friday

Apparently, Thursday, I got nothing planned or scheduled! So I’ll probably make that a “school focus” day and do as much as I can get done on wherever I might be at by the time Thursday rolls around.


Saturday is errand day!
I’ve got my car maintenance scheduled, my dog’s appointment scheduled, and I need to pencil in my plasma time for that extra moolah.


And CLEAN. I didn’t get to finish decluttering my desk and do a bedroom makeover.
But I’m ALMOST done. I can taste it. I can see it.
And oh, how SATISFIED my soul will feel!

But..errands and homework takes priority this weekend because the following week is the last week of my “block” for my class as well as the last week to turn in my make up assignments.


Church is a must on Sundays so I don’t typically mark it into my planner.
But what’s exciting is I’m going to video chat with a friend and catch and vent our frustrations out on our baby daddies LOL

Yes.. quite literally.. it will be an epic girl talk session of baby daddy hissy fits. Because we both need it (insert laughing with the tears emoji lol)

Weekly Goals


Read for 10 minutes or a chapter.. whichever happens first
Writing in my positive affirmations journal. I wrote gratitude in there out of habit, which there is nothing wrong with that.. but I specifically want to write out my desires to psych my mind into believing that it will happen and my thoughts, choices, and actions will behave accordingly.

Okay, so for working out, I want to anti it up a bit.

It might be a little bit much. If I get too overwhelmed by even the idea of my overachieving self, then I will bring it back down to 10 push ups again for the week.
Consistent wins is what I’m trying to get at for now.

So here’s my thoughts.
4x of the week, I’ll be lifting weights ON TOP of walking my dogs for 20-30 minutes
2x a week, I will do Beachbody’s Transform 20 workout by Shaun T.

Like I said.. it’s a lot. But my self-esteem and overall health is hurting big time right now.

Personal Development

Reading for 10 minutes or a chapter. Whichever comes first.
Reflection was also added to that but I highlight and annotate so much in the book that I read that it almost feels redundant. So I decided not to “reflect” on it after I read. I reflect enough on things throughout the day and that includes the book that I have read so I can grow.
What did I learn? Is this something I want to apply into my life? Is this a situation where I can practice this? What does it REALLY mean when it says this? Why is that so hard to do? What else can I do to improve this area? etc.

If you like growing as a person, I’m sure you get my drift.

Also, taking time away from my reflecting gives me more time to writing in my affirmation journal.

Positive Affirmations

I have so many big and exciting things that I want…
To be debt free
To generate automated income
To make a 6 figure income MONTHLY
My dream home
A husband
A fit and strong mind, body, and spirit.

When you write these things down, your mind focuses more on what you want and visualize.
It’s been awhile since I’ve actually organized my thoughts that I feel like my body is reacting sporadically.

Here’s whatΒ  I mean.
As a Christian, I don’t necessarily believe in the “law of attraction.”
But I do believe in a God who has blessings upon blessings for us.
We might receive them differently or need to go through a “waiting period of growth,” strengthen our faith, or simply.. it’s right in front of our faces but we aren’t claiming it.

But if you don’t feel deserving of such blessings or unprepared for it, our gifts and blessings COULD be put on hold.
This isn’t a black and white deal. God does what He does for a reason but I don’t know His thought process.

What I do know however, is that if I’m wanting a house but I’m not fixing my spending habits, then I probably won’t be able to get a house… like, ever.

But if I am constantly thinking that I have a house, I will start to believe, and thus my thought processes and actions will adjust to my belief and it will come into fruition.

Because there are many things that I am hoping for, I want to focus on one thing and just write in my affirmation journal until it happens share or take notes of how things are progressing so that I can remember the details and share God’s glory. Because that’s the only way I’ll ever get a house is with His hands all up in it.

Which leads me to the next thing…


I do an okay job keeping track of my bills but I’m not good at tracking my spending.
So I decided to mark each time a bill has gone through or how much I’ve spent on other things (gas, groceries, eating out, frivolous spending that I shouldn’t be doing) as well each time I get an income.

My biggest concern is the most recent loan I pulled of $1,400 because of it’s HIGH interest rate. I will basically have to pay another rent-full each month until it has been paid off.

So for this particular debt, I’m not going to follow Dave Ramsey’s snowball method because I won’t have the money to eat with this debt hanging over my head.

So the plan is to pay that off first, then maybe a couple of my “medium” debts…those cost around $100 each.

I also need to stay consistent with a monthly payment that I have neglected for so long that I have a huge lump sum that I am paying. After that, the payment should be around $50.

I also got another payment plan that I have forgotten about go into a collection’s agency and scheduled a monthly payment of $150.
But because that debt is so high, I plan on keeping that there until I pay off everything else and I’ll snowball my smaller payments into that one.

Aside from weird hour job, I will be donating plasma and driving for Lyft for extra income.

On that note, I hope everyone has an amazing, blessed week!
Stay peaceful, friends! ❀



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