Why I’m Blogging This

Between growing up with a diary, falling in love with journaling, sharing my weight loss journey (and starting over) on social media, and making YouTube videos for fun, I think I’ve gotten to appreciate documenting any type of journey and being able to see progress is motivation in itself.

Growing up, my family didn’t have much. After getting pregnant at 19 and rushing marriage, my 20’s was living a lifestyle of low-income.
And here I am, entering my 30’s, divorced, single, raising two kids in a state that’s high in cost of living, I’m barely making it, or a term that I learned in one of my classes – living in absolute deprivation. At least that’s what it feels like.

The stupid part? I made it harder on myself because I wanted a quick fix.
Because I couldn’t afford rent, food, gas for my car, bills… I pulled personal loans.
Which means I created more payments to keep up with that I couldn’t afford to pay in the first place.

That led to working odd jobs on top of my regular job, pulling more loans, putting most, if not all, of my tax refund towards debt – it got old.

We all reach our breaking point and I’ve reached mine.

Tired of living paycheck to not even the next paycheck.
Tired of sacrificing time with my kids, my weekends, my free time trying to make money just to scrape by.

I already know that the beginning of any journey is the hardest and there’s a lot of obstacles to get over but I have big financial goals from buying a house to being able to put my kids in extracurricular activities, having emergency funds, being able to travel, and paying it forward.

I want to document my journey for accountability, tracking, reflecting, and sharing with others what’s been working for me and what hasn’t been.

On that note, I hope that this blog will be both enlightening and inspiring.

Peace and Love, Fam ❀

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