Financial Tracking for the week of December 8, 2019

Everything is a blur right now and I have no idea what’s happening… and I’m slightly panicking.

So there’s been a thwart in my plan. This is something that I need to look into with my bank so that I can better “cheat” the system until I no longer need to.

But my rent payment bounced.
Which means I have to pay $20 for each day after the the third with an additional $125.

I did the math and paid my rent again on Friday with all the late charges but it has yet to be processed (probably will go through tomorrow). We’ll see if it gets bounced or not. If it does, I get paid on Tuesday but I fear that it will take the bulk of my paycheck which means I am going to be very short on my other bills.

So let’s break this unfortunate event down… (remember that I round my payments up and my income is estimated and rounded down. Just to prepare myself for the worst case scenario)

Monday 9th:

  • Possible rent: $1323

Tuesday 10th:

  • +1600 (estimated)
  • Advance America: $98.00
  • Check into Cash: $108
  • Speedy Cash: $86
  • Car Payment: $361

Wednesday 11th:

  • Money Tree: $293

What I have in my account:

Total outgoing:


Total income:


What I need:


This number is just crushing my soul. This is just my debt payment. It doesn’t include bills, gas, and food. I honestly have no idea how I’m going to come up with $469 plus some to get by for the week.

Driving for Lyft is always an option and that’s what I did this past weekend and made close to $100.

But I need basically $500 for the week. Plus more for bills. Which is something else I need to keep track of because I have no idea when they go through (like Netflix, Disney+, Internet, etc.)

Pulling another loan is SO very tempting right now. But we’ll see what happens. I don’t want to. But I might have to? I honestly don’t know…

Blah. Well, I’ll give you guys an update next week! I hope your week will be better than mine!! ❀

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