Financial Tracking for the Week of April 12th, 2020

Welcome back, everyone!

I just feel so grateful today for all that Jesus went through for someone like me.

Let’s kick off with a little prayer ❀

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you. Thank you for orchestrating such a beautiful victory over our lives. Thank you for sending your one and only son to die as the perfect sacrifice for our sins just so that you can be with us.

Thank you for the friends and family you have placed in my life. They have each been such beautiful souls to have connected with and I’m not quite sure I would be without them.

Lord, I continue to pray over my finances. I pray that you will help me find a reliable and consistent part time job. I pray that during this time of financial uncertainty that you will provide all that I need. I pray for those around me who are struggling financially. I pray that you will watch over their finances, their household, and their family.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


So things went okay last week. I did not have the money for rent but thank goodness for my mom because she was able to help me out.

One of my loans was extended to the end of April and I was so thankful for that because I actually spaced it and it was until the day before that I called for an extension (Usually you need to called two days ahead). Someone called me back and said, “I don’t know why they approved because it should not have even gone through so I’m sorry for the misinformation.”

But then like half an hour later, I got a confirmation e-mail saying that it was pushed back.

I was just tired and cranky so I just let it be and assumed that I would be out $105 dollars.

Well.. Friday came and went.. and it did NOT process! Thank Jesus! Because I barely managed to pay rent.

It was $1285, I had $1100. My mom initially said she didn’t have money but she texted me later that night and said she made some commissions on a networking business that she has and it was just enough to help pay my rent.

Ain’t God good though?!

This Week’s Finances

Wednesday 15th:

Total Visa CC: $40
Color Street: $10

Thursday 16th:

Disney+: $13

Friday 17th:

VS card: $45

Sunday 19th:

Prime: $7

Next Week’s expenses:

Best Buy: $28

Office Sub: $10

Netflix: $14

Gym: $30 (will not go through though)

Car insurance: $200

Things that are over due:

Internet: $120

My blog premium plan: $100

How Much I Need This Week

What I have in my account: $37

How much I need to pay this week’s bills: $115

How much I need for next week: $252


New Loan: $300 (I know.. I know…)

Plasma: $100/week

Sold a share: $75 ($10 profit)

DoorDash: (?)

So some exciting stuff happening…

and a set back. I didn’t know my mom was going to have the extra money so I went ahead and applied for a loan and was praying that it will be enough for all the late fees that were going to be involved.

So I applied thinking it was going to be necessary.

Plasma.. I think even if I am in a financially stable place in my life, I will continue to donate, at least once a week.

I sold another share when I realized what I had sold previously wasn’t going to be enough so that should be deposited into my account on Tuesday.

I have never tried driving for DoorDash so I’m not sure what to expect. But it’ll be an income. Still looking for a regular, consistent, reliable, long term part time job though.

I think driving for DoorDash will be a good way to bring in extra money while waiting to apply for Amazon again.

On that note, next week’s expenses are looking pretty intimidating. The week after that is when rent is due again.. hopefully they will bring in the same leniency and give it an extra week + discount.

This is an edit: I totally spaced my vet credit cart (payment due date and amount still unassigned) and I also have my car registration due.

SO. MUCH. MONEY. GOING. OUT. THE. WINDOW. (insert ugly crying)

Hopefully those stim checks will hit my bank account ASAP!
But I guess only time will tell.

On that note.. that completes my financial tracking for the week!

See you guys next week!

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