Financial Tracking for the Week of April 19th, 2020


Welcome back to another week of watching my struggle with my finances!
In the grand scheme of things though, a lot can happen in a week..which means I’ve got some praises to share.
But before I jump in, prayer time!


Dear Heavenly Father,
I am so grateful for your providence and your last minute miracles.
Honestly though God, real talk, I wish you wouldn’t do the last minute stuff because the anxiety is so scary! But nonetheless, I am thankful for your Working Hand in my life.

Thank you for taking care of me and watching over me.

I pray that you will continue to watch over my finances and help me create the habits that will help accrue financial blessings and help cut away from the habits that takes away from my financial goals.

I pray that you will help others who are struggling financially and bless those in need as well.

In Jesus’ Name,


So funny story (not really).

I have been expecting a $200 return check for over two weeks. Out of concern, I called the company asking to ensure that they have, in fact, sent a check. The lady on the phone was very rude and vague and said, “You’ll have to wait. We already sent the check. If you’re having problems, call USPS because it’s off our hands now.” *click*

Whoa.. okay. Rude.

I made an FB post asking my fellow friends what I should do and one suggested I called my bank. So I did and thankfully, they were able to help! They said that they can start a dispute and hopefully, a resolution will be reach in ten days. Okay, sweet! At least I have a timeline of how things are might pan out.

My friends (God bless her, I love her!) texted me to come by and pick up some food. So I did and on my way back, I checked the mail and BAM! There was that check I waited for 17 days!

On top of that, I have started selling some of my belongings and made roughly a little over $100.

My mom also gave me $50 for my birthday.

AND I did NOT drop down into a negative as of yet. BAM! Winning.
However, I did spend my money on eating out some. Ugh.

I think that’s one thing I want to work on is NOT eating out (maybe limit it to once or twice a month) and NOT buy any “wants” unless I sell something.

It’ll help with my minimalist desired lifestyle while also saving money.

Anyway, let’s move on to the nitty gritty stuff!

This Week’s Finances

Monday 20th:

BB: $28

Tuesday 21st:

VS: $45

MO: $11

Wednesday 22nd:

Netflix: $14

Epidemic: $15

Premiere Pro: $21

Friday 24th:

Geico: $200

CICO: $112

Total amount: $334

Next Week’s Expenses:

CICO: $112

Rent: $1340

Things that are overdue:

Internet: $120

Xcel: $100

How Much I Need This Week:

What I have in my account: $295

What I have in cash: $1340 (but it’s reserved for rent)

What I have in my piggy bank: $12 cash (I’ve been putting all my change and $1 bills in there.. it’s actually been pretty handy)

How much I need to pay this week’s bills: $334

Total amount needed: $32


I have a couple people who are interested in meeting (and yes, I am taking extra precautions to be safe for all parties) to buy a few of my things and it’s added up to $30 right now. If they don’t bail, this would be just enough to afford my bills as I over estimate them and I’m shy of $2.

I never actually got around to driving for DoorDash. I just don’t like the idea of the wear and tear it’s going to add on my car. It’s one of the reasons why I stopped driving for Lyft on top of the car accident (not Lyft related) that happened.

I also was looking forward to simplifying my taxes for this year by reducing the number of W2 forms I’d have to receive.. (I worked like.. 10 jobs last year..*face palm*)

But desperate times call for desperate measures.
Plus, there are some things I’d like to save up for when I move.

I made a HUGE wish list LOL

I think I’m going to add them up and see how much I need to save up.

Anyway. For this week, I’m good.
I’m going to have to come up with some money for next week. But I am glad I have rent covered for now.

I hope you guys are all doing well.
We can do this.
Stay positive and don’t let the struggle bury.

With Love ❤

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