Financial Flash Update!

*trigger warning: mentioning of abuse, rape, depression/suicide*

I just want to share that yesterday…. I didnt have enough money for rent.

I had $4 in my account.

Today, I woke up to $1,150 in my bank account!
Still not all of my rent but I made some returns on things I bought awhile back on Amazon (worth over $200) that I don’t want/like.
And I still have until next week to drive for DoorDash to make up for the rest.

There are things Im working on financially (bad habits.. i.e. spending problems, debt, finding ways to make more money)

It’s seriously crazy how God has been watching over me the past four years.

He told me He was going to take care of me if I left my ex-husband (neglectful, verbally/emotionally abusive, manipulative, gaslighting, controlling, lying/cheating)

And this was BEFORE I had faith in Him.
(Raised Christian but stopped believing in Him after I got raped)

I was depressed and suicidal.

And He called after me just seconds before I was about to go through with it.

And told me that He forgave me, loved me, and that He’ll take care of me.

I’m so unworthy of His love and grace and yet He constantly shows up for me.

I’m not sharing this to gloat.
But to share God’s glory and give Him praise.

What an amazing Father we have.

Prayers that His provision will overwhelmall of our needs šŸ™

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