Live a Little Backwards

I was talking to someone about my blog. And  the person I was talking to was being encouraging because I was sharing how hard it is sometimes to write even when I'm not feeling inspired or unsure of what to write about. And as I was saying that, my heart finished the thought with the … Continue reading Live a Little Backwards


Don’t Settle for the “At Leasts”

There's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing an amazing woman settle for a guy after she leaves an abusive relationship because "at least" he's a good guy. Sometimes, an at least guy isn't all that he's cracked up to be. He spends all his free time with his friends... but at least he has a job. … Continue reading Don’t Settle for the “At Leasts”

The Truth About My Sex Addiction and Struggle for Purity

For me, loneliness wasn't a loneliness of the heart. It wasn't about the absence of a partner. My loneliness stemmed from feeling like I wasn't enough. It was a sickness of believing that I will never be enough for anyone. And in that sense, solitude was my ironic healing. But in that sickness is where … Continue reading The Truth About My Sex Addiction and Struggle for Purity

How to Find Dates Outside of Dating Apps

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Eyes connect. And boom. Before you know it, you see them talking the night away and exiting the door they came through alone, together. Does that even happen anymore? I feel like it's not as common but I prefer meeting people organically rather than online dating where steady streams … Continue reading How to Find Dates Outside of Dating Apps

It’s Okay to Say, “No.”

When you know exactly what you want and you know that what you want is reasonable, you just know whether or not a relationship is going work. You just know whether or not you're going to CHOOSE to love this person. My number one item on my list when it comes to dating is that … Continue reading It’s Okay to Say, “No.”

How to be Happy when Everyone Else Seems to be in a Relationship

We've all heard the saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side," and that those who are in relationships envy single people (do they really?) and single people envy those in a relationship. Still, it doesn't help the little pang of hurt and jealousy when you see your friends and co-workers are being … Continue reading How to be Happy when Everyone Else Seems to be in a Relationship

Bloguary #1//How to be Single

For the month of February, I want to challenge myself to blog everyday. 28 days. It's going to focus on dating and relationship encouragement for both singles and those who are coupled and maybe even get a little personal and share my story, my testimony of how I found God again, and a couple of … Continue reading Bloguary #1//How to be Single

Are Your Expectations Toxic?

I realized that often times, the reason why I get depressed or carry a lot of stress is because of the expectations I have set for myself. And as a fellow human being, some of those expectations aren't realistic. And I mean realistic in the sense where it's probably impossible to stick to it 100% … Continue reading Are Your Expectations Toxic?