How to Love

If there's anything about God's love that I appreciate and so grateful for the most is His constant love. He doesn't love you a little less on the days you've had a bad day or love you a little more on the days you've had a good day. It's the same throughout. I have two … Continue reading How to Love


Are Your Expectations Toxic?

I realized that often times, the reason why I get depressed or carry a lot of stress is because of the expectations I have set for myself. And as a fellow human being, some of those expectations aren't realistic. And I mean realistic in the sense where it's probably impossible to stick to it 100% … Continue reading Are Your Expectations Toxic?

Reasons to Move On from a Toxic Relationship

Making the choice to leave my marriage was the hardest thing I ever had to do, even when I wanted to end my life because of it. I would have rather stayed and battle suicidal thoughts than actually leave. But with a whole lot of God - He gets credit for all of my blessings … Continue reading Reasons to Move On from a Toxic Relationship