My Debt

This is my debt list.
I want to cross each item off as I eliminate my debt (or add to it if such circumstances arise).
Any changes and adjustments will be noted (ie: refinancing).

Loans that are not included are my student loans and my car loan.

Blue Trust Loans: $1,701? (might be inaccurate because it is a new loan)
As of Dec. 2019: $632.15

Check into Cash: $431

MoneyTree: $295 paid off Jan. 2020

Speedy Cash: $232 paid off Jan 2020

Advance America: $398

Lendgreen: $700? (rough estimate)

Golden Valley Lending: $960

Victoria’s Secret: $933

Best Buy: $484

Wells Fargo Credit Card: $1,120

Capital One Credit Card: $300

Total Current Debt:
1/12/2020: $5,958.15