Strength in the Midst of Struggles

I was at a training a few days ago and we were asked the question, "Who is your hero?" And I've gotta admit, other than Jesus, I really couldn't think of anyone. My parents were abusive (but we're cool now). As a shy and awkward kid, I never really built relationships with other adults as … Continue reading Strength in the Midst of Struggles


It’s Okay to Love, Girl

I know that the dating process can feel hopeless, daunting, and pointless. I know that collectively, we all have a painful dating story. Or a painful relationship story. Or a painful break-up story. The whole process just sucks. But I also wanted to say that each guy, each date, each time you decide to share … Continue reading It’s Okay to Love, Girl

Your Single Days are Numbered

The other day, I was thinking about how capricious our lives are. You wake up being in an amazing relationship only to be broken up over a single text in one afternoon. You wake up being in an amazing relationship and you are proposed to later that evening. You wake up safe and sound only … Continue reading Your Single Days are Numbered