Lies You Need to Overcome Part III

Sorry I went missing again. Life is HECTIC. Literally the definition of life for me right now. I'm working three jobs, doing the single mom thing, and just trying to balance everything else in life. It's hard. But I'm here. And I may or may not dial it back a bit and write one post … Continue reading Lies You Need to Overcome Part III


Don’t Settle for the “At Leasts”

There's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing an amazing woman settle for a guy after she leaves an abusive relationship because "at least" he's a good guy. Sometimes, an at least guy isn't all that he's cracked up to be. He spends all his free time with his friends... but at least he has a job. … Continue reading Don’t Settle for the “At Leasts”

3 Good Things About Rejection

Ever started talking to someone and things seem to be going great? The connection is perfect, first date went well, second date went even better. And for whatever reason, things just didn't pan out at the end? Maybe he revealed some very bright red flags. Or he ghosted you. Or he started to feel distant. … Continue reading 3 Good Things About Rejection